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Gymea Bay IV


Project Barraran is an exceptional example of how a challenging site can be perceived as an opportunity to create a truly unique masterpiece.

In addressing the issue of a very steep block elevating to the rear of the yard, the site was terraced with the pool embedded into the middle level – elevated partially above ground at the front and fully in ground at the rear. Terracing the block was approached as a design opportunity, creating a variety of surfaces for exploring contrasting form and materiality.

Unity, variety, repetition and texture are paramount throughout the design, with the curved shape of the pool’s front corner reverberating through the custom glass pool fence, raised wall and Corten steel garden beds beneath, and the French lay stone cladding on the rear wall reflected in a smaller French lay travertine tiles on the pool’s front curved wall. Black aluminium feature fencing provides sharp lines to contrast softer organic elements and textures elsewhere and is repeated either side of the pool with a gorgeous array of rich green tropical planting adding vibrance and fragrance to the space. 


The soft green ‘Bali’ waterline tile by Ezarri blends harmoniously with surrounding planting and gum trees, while hardwood fencing panels, travertine pavers and sandstone wall cladding lend a warm tactility to the space.

Project Video

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