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Pool Shade, a must when designing your pool area.

At Pinnacle Pools we want to make sure you get the absolute most out of your pool, which means not just creating a place to swim, but helping you plan for a whole pool-side lifestyle.

On those hot summer days, a shaded poolside living area is going to be the difference between having a swim and heading indoors, vs spending hours longer poolside, enjoying a drink and a book without the fear of being singed by the fierce Aussie sun.

Especially if you have kids you're likely to find their appetite for swimming all day leaves you a bit exhausted and ready to supervise from the deck!

If you're building a pool it’s important to factor these decisions into the overall build process, to ensure a cohesive shade solution is factored into the design from the get-go and not an afterthought once the concrete has been poured.

When planning to incorporate a deck or permanent shade structure next to your pool we partner with outdoor living experts and Shire locals, Life Outdoors who have an extensive range of decking and shade solutions for your pool and backyard.

What's the best shade structure for next to a pool?

A permanent pergola will be much less fuss and maintenance than umbrellas which frequently blow away in the wind or get mouldy if not packed away after each use.

We're thrilled to have created Australia's first poolside oasis with the epic new Luxe Cantilever™. pergola in conjunction with Life Outdoors and with a stunning design from Corey Fox Landscaping. The Luxe Cantilever™. represents an engineering breakthrough with a cost-effective, ultra-stylish and fully insulated pergola levitating on just two posts. That means a premium looking pergola that fits seamlessly into your pool landscape with unobstructed movement and views around your pool!

Luxe Cantilever with white frame and LuxLine ceiling
Luxe Cantilever with white frame and LuxLine ceiling

Poolside Pergola Performance

Looking great is one thing, but performing under the harsh Australian conditions is another. The Luxe Cantilever™ uses Versiclad insulated roofing panels which provide a weather tight cover, outstanding insulation, and a pre-finished, maintenance free ceiling. Versiclad roof panels will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter with a comfortable atmosphere year-round.

The absence of four posts doesn't compromise on stability, the design has been fully engineered and wind tested to ensure it stands the test of time and harsh Australian conditions. Additionally, the panels on the Luxe Cantilever™ are so strong they are hail proof and the frame so strong it can be walked on for any maintenance required.

Luxe Cantilever with black frame and Golden Oak ceiling
Luxe Cantilever with black frame and Golden Oak ceiling


The Luxe Cantilever™ can be designed to either be a feature in your backyard, match the overall style of the space or seamlessly blend into the environment based on the colour choices and finishes available. The roofing, roof colour ceiling finishes and even the frame colour can all be customised when designing your shade solution. Take a look at the Life Outdoors Cantilever page for more information on customisation choices.

In addition to choosing your colours and styles the Luxe Cantilever™ can also be decked out with fans, lights and dimmers to enhance the overall comfort and experience.

White Luxe Cantilever with fan installed
White Luxe Cantilever with fan installed

Technical Specifications

·         Ceiling Length: Maximum 6.0m (customisable to suit)

·         Ceiling Width: Maximum 3.3m (customisable to suit)

·         Height: 3.0m overall (customisable to suit)

·         Frame Material: Engineered powder-coated steel

·         Foundation: Bolted to or set into concrete piers

·         Certification: Rigorously tested and wind-certified

Luxe Cantilever with white frame and LuxLine ceiling
Luxe Cantilever with white frame and LuxLine ceiling

Planning for a great pool lifestyle needs to extend beyond the waters edge, and in Australia that usually means protection from the sun. If you are wanting a permanent shade solution, such as the Luxe Cantilever™ Pergola it's best to plan at the beginning of the pool design process, to allow seamless integration into the build from the get-go, for a better finished result and easier construction process.

If you want to get started planning your pool and backyard, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you! For more info on the new Life Outdoors Luxe Cantilever™ pergola please click here.


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