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Pool Coping: Best materials for pool coping - Part 2

There are so many materials and choices when it comes to choosing your coping for your pool. We break down some of the best materials for pool coping and some of the common varieties that's out there.

Marble or travertine natural stone pavers - have excellent thermal properties, staying nice and cool underfoot when walking around the pool. They are very strong and ideal for being overhung over the pool edge. Density and how porous the stone is playing a large part in the longevity of the coping, it's essential that you talk to the supplier of the stone and ask if the product is suitable to be used as pool coping.

We don’t recommend Sandstone as its porous nature causes it to deteriorate faster than more dense stones such as Marble or Limestone.

Important - any natural stone still needs to be properly sealed once installed to ensure longevity and reduce maintenance.

Marble pool coping Sutherland Shire with Deck

Not all natural stone products are created equally, so make sure to check with the manufacturer the salt resistance of the stone and suitability for your usage requirements before finalising your coping.

Porcelain tiles are more brittle than natural stone and can get hotter in direct sun, however they can offer a very low maintenance alternative to natural stone while still achieving a similar look. Porcelain tiles have a high degree of stain resistance and no need for sealing.

While they are not as strong as natural stone, we usually recommend using porcelain tiles as a drop edge coping tile.

Timber coping - provides a lovely contrast along the water, but due to its tendency to expand, contract, crack and warp when frequently fluctuating between wet and dry, it is rarely an ideal material for the coping line.

Timber requires frequent maintenance to help it withstand the constant submersion in water combined with sun and is also very hot underfoot in the warm weather.

Occasionally a fully aged hardwood can be successfully used like in our beautiful Cronulla II project pictured below, it’s just important to use with care and be aware of the risks and maintenance involved.

Timber pool coping Cronulla project Pinnacle Pools


Polished Concrete coping is becoming a popular option due to its versatility, durability and aesthetics. It can be customised into various shapes and sizes to fit the design of your pool and can be painted or stained to match the surrounding deck or patio. Oxides and aggregates can also be added to change the appearance and finish of the concrete (lighter or darker).

Concrete is quite an expensive option and like natural stone is susceptible to staining, so requires sealing and ongoing maintenance.

Design Tip: Ensure the concrete is finished to retain a good grip rating as this can be slippery when wet.

Concrete pool coping with vertical tiles

If you want more information about what pool coping is in our Part 1 series, please click here.

Or if you want to start your new pool journey now, get in touch now!


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