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Pool Coping: Different styles of coping - Part 3

If you’re exploring the different options for pool coping profiles then look no further! If you haven’t already learnt ‘what is pool coping’ and ‘the best materials for pool coping’, then we recommend you peruse these earlier articles in our coping series first. Part 1 and Part 2

There are a few styles of pool coping that can be installed around your pool:

Square Edge or Pencil Round Edge coping

Features a square edge and provides a more modern and contemporary look to your pool. This is the most popular pool coping style that we install. The paver is usually 30mm thick & small overhang from the pool edge to stop water splashing out of the pool. It can be made of various materials such as concrete & natural stone, and can come in a range of colours and textures.

square edge pool coping diagram
Square edge pool coping marble

Design Tip: The square edge paver that comes from the factory usually has a sharp edge which isn’t so great for pool safety so we usually recommend to put a slight “pencil” edge on it to take away the sharpness as shown in the photo above.

Drop face or rebated coping

What is drop face or rebated coping? Drop face coping describes stone pavers with an L shape lip that folds down over the side of the pool. This makes the coping look much thicker – like an enormous slab rather than the thinner 20mm tile that it really is. This provides a more luxurious, high-end finish, though it may be less effective at stopping water splashing over the edge of the pool as it sits much lower to the water.

Rebated coping hides the caulking line between the coping and the waterline tile and conceals the waterline tiles so that they are less visible above your waterline. (Instead of your waterline tile reaching right up to the top of the pool, they now stop around 40-50mm below the coping surface.)

drop face pool coping diagram

drop face pool coping

Rebated coping pavers are usually bought from the tile factory per lineal meter or per piece as they are custom made to suit each pools drop requirements. If this is the look you are after, it helps to look for a stone that comes ‘off-the-shelf’ in a rebated edge so you don’t have to pay extra for custom manufacturing.

Design Tip: The drop face is usually ~60-70mm and can usually be done in porcelain or natural stone materials.

Bullnose coping

This classic style coping has a fully rounded edge which makes it easy to hold onto and dive into the pool. The smooth, rounded edge provides a sophisticated and elegant look to your pool.

Bullnose pool coping
bullnose pool coping

Bullnose coping has become less popular in recent years, in favour of pencil round / square edged coping.

Coping Installation – why it’s the key to a long-lasting pool.

Given the extremely demanding environment around a pool with high frequency fluctuations between wet and dry, hot and cold, it is vital to effectively install expansion joints to allow materials to ‘breathe’ without cracking or damaging surrounding areas.

At Pinnacle Pools we are meticulous about ensuring your pool is installed and finished to the highest standard, so that your pool stands the test of time and looks the same in 5 years’ time as when we first finish it.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and build a new pool, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch now and we can pop over for an obligation-free quote.


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